Coki Point Beach Package #8

That's Papa Bear Fedding The Fish ! ! ! ! 

Papa Bear Hand Feed Da Fish On His Day Off !

Locals and visitors alike will tell you that on St. Thomas, there is no more wonderful beach than Coki's. On any given day, this busy beach is bustling with a montage of diverse familes, revelers and beach vendors. It's the perfect place to mingle, rub elbows with the locals, listen to some animated island tunes and have tons of fun. In fact, Coki's has officially been dubbed St. Thomas' party beach. Amid the throng of thatched umbrellas, kaleidoscope of colorful towels and alluring lounges, visitors of all ages relish in the lively atmosphere. All kind of water sports can be enjoyed from jet skis to snorkeling. Coki Beach is a favorite among snorkelers and divers thanks to its clear and calm waters, soft sandy bottom and menagerie of sea creatures. No question, Coki Beach offers the best snorkeling from a beach in St. Thomas. It's user-friendly for both kids and adults. Most of the water is shallower than 20 feet with little or mild current, making Coki a perfect spot for beginners. Deeper reefs for more experienced divers is available a short swin offshore. However, the best snorkeling is near shore to the right and left of the beach. Fish are accutomed to the parade of people at this trendy beach, and these underwater creatures have even been known to eat from hands that come bearing food. A steady stream of wandering food vendors trek the beach offering up a cache of cold drinks and savory snacks making sure beach-goers are kept sated. Other traveling merchants entice visitors with a slew of souvenirs, sunscreen and hair-braiding services. Located on the east end of the island on Coki Bay, the Coral World Marine Point and Coki Point are Coki Beach's welcoming neighbors. Visitors can be sure that their memories of Coki Beach will be remembered long after their footprints in the sand are washed away.

$20.00 per person round trip.


Ocean Front Rentals at Coki Beach

Beach Rentals By The Day

Snorkel & Mask $5.00
Fins $5.00
Beach Chairs $5.00

Floats $5.00
Umbrilla $10.00
Vest $5.00
Camaras $20.00 & $25.00



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