Crown Bay Dock St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

 Crown Bay Dock St. Thomas, Virgin Islands ! ! !

Crown Bay Dock And Shopping Mall.

Holland America's, Princess Cruises, Queen Mary2 ships to dock in Crown Bay  instead of the West Indian Company Dock. This is the newest addition to St. Thomas’ shopping districts has a nice assortment of retailers from jewelry stores to cameras and electronics, linens, local arts and crafts. The agreement, which took effect Oct. 1, 2006 aims to bring a minimum of 230,000 passengers to the Crown Bay facility per year.

Under that agreement, which is expected to generate at least $2.15 million in fees annually for the Port Authority, the cruise lines agreed to pay for the minimum amount of passengers - also based on $9.35 per person - whether they bring them all or not. If the cruise lines and its affiliates bring in between 325,000 and 350,000 passengers, the authority will reimburse the line for $292,000 of the wharfage dues it paid. If the company exceeds 350,000 passengers, the authority will pay $479,000.


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